Early Signs of Gum Disease

Your Laredo dentist recommends keeping an eye out for early signs of gum disease. Gum disease can be a very serious concern, especially if it progresses to periodontal disease. If caught early enough, any damage caused by gingivitis can most likely be reversed.

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. At this stage, your gums will become inflamed as a result of plaque buildup. Bleeding and sensitive gums can be a sign that you are suffering from gingivitis. It is important that you visit your dentist in Laredo if you think you may have gingivitis.

If gingivitis is left untreated, it can transform into periodontitis. During this stage, the inner layer of the gum and the bone begin to pull away from the teeth and start to form pockets. These pockets are open spaces where debris and bacteria will begin to collects.

If you do not visit your Laredo dentist, your gum disease may cause you to lose some of your teeth. It is extremely important to take care of your teeth before this happens. A good daily oral hygiene routine can go a long way in preventing gum disease.

Signs that you may suffer from gum disease:

  • Gums that bleed during or after brushing your teeth.
  • Bleeding gums after flossing.
  • Red, swollen, or tender gums.
  • A bad taste in your mouth or persistent bad breath.
  • Receding gums.
  • Formation of deep pockets between your teeth and gums.
  • Loose or shifting teeth.
  • Changes in your bite or a change in the fit of partial dentures.

If you notice any of the above signs, it is important to visit your dentist as soon as possible. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and if you do have gum disease, the damage may be reversible if caught early on.

If you think that you may be suffering from gingivitis or periodontal disease, contact your Laredo dentist as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Guerra-Zuniga, call (956) 717-8899.


Whiter Teeth in an Hour

As a Laredo Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Maya Guerra-Zuniga has many patients that desire a whiter and brighter smile. Having white teeth can be beneficial in more ways than one. Other than an aesthetically pleasing smile, whiter teeth can make you look younger as well.

Our teeth stain naturally throughout our lifetime. As the outer layer of our teeth, known as enamel, wears away, the inner yellow-colored substance, referred to as dentin, begins to show. Our teeth naturally discolor over time, however, certain foods and beverages can speed the process.

How can I whiten my teeth?

You can try to eat certain foods that have natural whitening properties, or you can contact your Laredo cosmetic dentist to learn more about teeth whitening procedures. There are many different things you can choose from if you wish to change the color of your teeth.

You Laredo cosmetic dentist is proud to offer ZOOM! whitening. This is a quick and effective way to drastically whiten your teeth. Zoom! Whitening is an in-office teeth whitening procedure that can white your teeth by 6-10 shade lighter within an hour!

If you wish for whiter teeth, you can either schedule an in-office teeth whitening session with your Laredo cosmetic dentist, or you can purchase an at-home whitening kit. Depending upon how quickly you wish to see results, Dr. Zuniga may recommend one option over the other.

In-office teeth whitening is a great procedure for those with an upcoming event, or for those that desire extremely quick results. Your Laredo cosmetic dentist will apply a whitening gel to your teeth and then cure it using a special light.

ZOOM! is safe, effective, and creates fast and outstanding results. For more information on ZOOM! whitening click here. To learn more about whiening options offered by your Laredo cosmetic dentist, click here. Call (956) 717-8899 to schedule an appointment today!

Smile Makeovers with Veneers

If you are unhappy with your smile, your cosmetic dentist in Laredo TX, Dr. Maya Guerra-Zuniga, can help you get the smile you desire. One of the cosmetic dental procedures offered at her Laredo TX dental office is dental veneers. Dental veneers can be used to fix all different kinds of problems.

Dental veneers are a great option if you wish for your teeth to be bigger. They are in the form of thin-shells and they are produced using a mixture of medical-grade ceramic and porcelain. Once your custom veneers have been created, they will be placed on the outer surface of your teeth.

There are many different things that dental veneers can be used for. Often people will use them to improve the color of their teeth. If you desire whiter teeth but teeth whitening hasn’t worked for you in the past, ask your Laredo TX cosmetic dentist about dental veneers.

They can also be used to help improve the look of your smile. If you have small gaps between your teeth, dental veneers can help to reduce and eliminate those gaps. They are a great option if you wish for an immediate smile transformation or desire a smile makeover.

Dental veneers have been around for a long time, since the late 1920’s; however, they have become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades. Developing technology has made them more natural looking and convenient than ever before.

If you are interested in having dental veneers put on your teeth to improve your smile, contact Dr. Guerra-Zuniga today. Find out if you are a candidate for this new and improve cosmetic dental procedure.

Dental veneers are not for everyone. To find out if dental veneers are right for you, call (956) 717-8899 to schedule an appointment for your dental veneers.

How to Store a Toothbrush

As your dentist in Laredo TX, we want to ensure that your oral hygiene is at its’ best. It is extremely important to brush your teeth and floss daily, but more importantly, you need to store your toothbrush properly. It’s hard to clean the teeth using something dirty! A clean toothbrush not only helps to clean the teeth, but it can freshen your breath and remove bad bacteria as well.

How do you clean a toothbrush?

You should clean your toothbrush before and after each use by rinsing it off under hot water. This will help to kill and bacteria and germs as well as remove them from the bristles. Run your thumb along the bristles underneath hot running water.

Every so often you can even sanitize your toothbrush using an antibacterial solution. These can be found in drug stores, and typically the toothbrush remains in an antibacterial solution for at least 10 minutes. After it is cleaned off, it is important to place your toothbrush somewhere to dry.

How to store your toothbrush:

Storing your toothbrush is just as important as cleaning it. It is important to store your toothbrush at an upright position (bristles as the top), separate from all other toothbrushes, and at least 2-3 feet away from the toilet. Storing the toothbrush at an upright position ensures that any trapped bacteria and water will drip down.

It is important that your toothbrush be held in an open container with proper ventilation. Storing your toothbrush in a closed container is not clean or sanitary. Your toothbrush needs proper air flow in order for it to dry.

How often should you replace your toothbrush?

The American Dental Association recommends that you get a new toothbrush at least once every 3 to 4 months. It may even need to be replaced sooner than that. If you notice that the bristles on your toothbrush have begun to fray, it’s about that time to get a new one.

Just as important as properly storing a toothbrush is, properly brushing is even more detrimental to your oral health. Visit your Laredo TX dentist and ensure that your teeth are as healthy as possible. Ask your doctor if you’ve been flossing and brushing properly. Call (956) 717-8899 to schedule an appointment today!

National Hygiene Month

Celebrate National Hygiene Month with McPherson Dental!

October is National Hygiene Month! All month long, you’ll be reminded that your teeth are a very important part of your body and that they deserve attention! Nobody understands the important role of healthy teeth better than Laredo TX Dentist, Dr. Guerra-Zuniga.

A beautiful smile most likely means great oral health. Have you ever heard the phrase “healthy mouth, healthy you”? It’s true, and it’s backed by scientific evidence! Just a few of the health benefits of a healthy mouth are reduced risk of heart disease, memory preservation, and reduced risk of infection and inflammation in your body.

Beautiful smiles also boost your self-esteem and confidence. Poor oral health can lead to discolored teeth, bad breath, missing teeth, or worse. This can have quite the toll on an individual’s mental and social health. Healthy, beautiful smiles, however, exude confidence and give off the perception that you’re more professional, friendlier, and attractive.

To get the smile of your dreams, it’s critical you remember to:

  • Brush for 2 minutes, 2 minutes per day
  • Floss daily
  • Rinse with mouthwash
  • Chew sugar-free gum after eating
  • Get a dental exam/cleaning every 6 months

Brushing and flossing can only get you so far. To ensure your teeth are protected against bacteria and cavities, visit your dentist twice a year. If you are in the Laredo TX area, make an appointment with McPherson Dental Center by calling (956) 717-8899 or click here.

Take Away your Toothache

Everyone gets a toothache at some point or another, and your Laredo TX dentist wants to be sure that you understand what is causing your toothache. Toothaches are not always caused by the same thing; however, the most common cause is cavities. If you have a toothache, it is important to see your dentist in Laredo TX as soon as possible!

Many people often avoid the dentist, even if they have a toothache! If you have a toothache and it subsides after a short time period, it is still crucial that you visit McPherson Dental Center. Teeth can ache for many different reasons. Usually if you have a dental cavity or decay, the first sign is feeling pain when you eat something sweet, very hot, or very cold.

What are the symptoms of a toothache?

Symptoms of a toothache vary depending on the issue.  If you have an abscessed tooth, the first symptom you notice may be pus near the source of the pain. An abscessed tooth occurs when the bone surrounding the teeth is infected. It is extremely important to see you dentist straight away if you think you may have an abscessed tooth.

Pain and pus can also be a sign that you have gum disease. Gum disease typically causes inflammation of the gums, and they often bleed after flossing and brushing. Certain symptoms, especially when occurring together, can be a sign that there is something extremely wrong with your oral mouth. Visit our Laredo TX Family Dentist if you have any of the following symptoms:


Difficulty Breathing or Swallowing

Swelling Around the Area of a Tooth

Pain when you Bite

A Foul-Tasting Discharge

Don’t hesitate to visit your dentist if you think you may have a problem. If you wait to visit Dr. Maya Guerra-Zuniga, your condition can quickly worsen. If you do have a toothache and cannot see your dentist right away, there are a few things you can do:

First, try to schedule an emergency appointment. If you are not able to do so, there are some self-care remedies that can temporarily alleviate the pain:

  • Rinse with Warm Salt Water
  • Gently Floss to Dislodge Trapped Particles
  • Take an Over-the-Counter Pain Reliever
  • Apply a cold Compress if there has been Trauma to the Tooth

These may help to temporarily relieve the pain, but regardless you should pay a visit to your Laredo TX Family Dentist as soon as possible! By visiting your Laredo TX Dentist, they can complete an oral exam to determine the location and cause of the toothache.

If you have a toothache, be sure to call (956) 717-8899 to schedule an appointment today. Be sure to mention if you think it may be a dental emergency!

The Different Parts of our Teeth and their Functions

We all know the many different functions that our teeth and gums have, however, many of us don’t know the different parts of the tooth and their functions.

The exterior of the tooth consists of the crown. This is what we see when we look at teeth, the upper top part of the tooth. The crown is encased with a thin shell-like material known as enamel. Enamel is the hardest substance in the bottom, and it helps to protect our teeth from being damaged. What most people don’t realize, however, is that there is much more to the mouth and teeth! The root of our tooth is the part that is implanted into the gums. Although this part may not be exposed like the crown, it too can develop cavities and other oral issues if not taken care of properly. The outer layer of the root, known as the Cementum, binds the root to the bone and forms the socket of the tooth.

So, What is the inside of the tooth made of?

Inside our tooth is a material known as Dentin. Dentin is softer than enamel, however, it is more hard and durable than a typical bone. The dentin surrounds the inner tooth core, which is typically known as the pulp canal or root canal. This area is where nerve ending and blood vessels sensitive and nourish the root.

Understanding teeth and how they work is extremely important, however, nothing is more important than understanding the proper and best ways for caring for your teeth. If you want to keep your natural teeth for years to come, it is important to maintain the best oral hygiene possible.

What happens if I don’t take care of my teeth properly?

If teeth are not treated for properly, they can develop cavities, tooth decay, and other severe oral health issues. If left untreated, these can result in the requirement that the tooth (or teeth) be extracted. This may mean needing expensive dental treatment or possibly even dentures!

To keep your teeth healthy, strong, and beautiful be sure to brush twice a day, floss AT LEAST once a day, and visit your dentist in Laredo TX, Dr. Guerra-Zuniga, twice or more throughout the year. This is the best way that you can avoid needing dentures or false teeth. Your teeth are good to you, so be good to them; keep them clean, health, and strong! Call (956) 717-8899 or click here to schedule an appoint with the best family dentist in Laredo TX!

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